How to upload animation to Group

When I all done of making the animations and I will upload to group and I going to using animation in group game Upload animation window does not have Select animation owner



Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this shouldn’t be in the Scripting Support category. It should be in the Game Design Support category.

Answering your question, I believe ROBLOX has not added support for uploading new animations to other groups in the new UI yet. You could file a bug report in Studio Bugs.

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As @brokenVectors said above, you cannot upload Animations to groups even if you are the admin sadly.
However, you can insert the Animation into a part (anything) and then save the part to the desired group.

I’m Group’s Admin and I Usually use upload to Group, suddenly It Doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work right now since ROBLOX changed the UI for exporting animations. Right now the new UI doesn’t let you upload to a group, but I think ROBLOX will fix this soon.


It appears that ROBLOX has now reverted to the old UI, so you can upload group animations now.


But how? I have my animations on my profile and i cant upload them to my group