How to upload custom images

Read this tutorial to learn how to upload your own custom images to Gacha online!

First we need to upload the image we want to use to the Roblox website. You can upload an image by going to this page: Create - Roblox

Now that you’re on the upload page you will have the option to select the file you want to use. Click “Choose File”

Now your computers file explorer will pop up. Depending on your computer this may look slightly different. Pick the file you want to upload and click open.


Now you can set a name for your image. By default it will be the name of the image that was on your computer.


Click the upload button to upload your image to Roblox.


After a few seconds you should see your new picture. If someone else has already used this picture before you should see it instantly. Otherwise it may take a few moments for Roblox to approve your image.

Now look at the top of your browser at the url bar and you should see a bunch of numbers. I highlighted the numbers for the image I uploaded below. You're going to want to either copy those or write them down somewhere.

In Gacha Online you can now either paste or type the ID in the Asset Id box. So in my case I would type 6732394438.


And you're done 🥳!

Remember if you uploaded a picture that is completely new (nobody else has uploaded anything similar) you may have to wait a few hours before Gacha online shows it to other players.