How to use a datastore editor

So I have a datastore, but I wanna know how I use a datatore editor, the tutorial helped with nothing for crazymans datastore editor is the one I am using by the way
But how Do I edit players stats with it. This is something that I would really like to learn how to use.


In a DataStore, there are key’s and value’s. Each value is assigned to a key in a DS so you just need to find the key (probably going to be something with the players userId) and change the value of it. If the value is a table, you can edit the values inside the table as well.

Where would I find the key? I have no idea

Well, if you’re using datastores, it’s going to be the first argument for “myDataStore:GetAsync(Key_Here, Value_Here)”

If you could show me your DS code I could point you in the right direction.

data = dataStore:GetAsync(player.UserId) I found this

Alright so now you can go into the DataStore Editor, connect with the PlaceId, and datastore name (you can find that in a line that says :GetDataStore("name will be here") and where I said “name will be here” whatever is inside the quotes will be the name of the datastore.


That should take you to a different section where you enter the key (your userid, or any other player that has had their data saved into this datastore) then you will get all the information about that key and you will be able to modify it.

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local dataStore = DataStoreService:GetDataStore(“MyDataStore”)?

Yeah if that is what you see the name of the datastore will be MyDataStore.

It now works. Thanks so much .

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