How to use Animations FE

So last night as I was developing my game I came across the issue that animations weren’t being shown in server and other clients.


I really don’t like posting on forums asking for help because most of the time I solve my problems by just looking at the wiki or other problems other people had. In this case the Wiki wasn’t telling me enough. I tried using Roblox player animations (like from catalog) too see if custom animations were broken and they don’t show.

Things I tried doing!

  1. Placing Animations In Character Offline then using :LoadAnimation() In LocalScript (Vice Versa)

  2. Creating Animation Instance in LocalScript Then :LoadAnimation() (Vice Versa)

  3. Check to see if there’s an animator inside the humanoid (There is)

  4. Tried Using Animations in Different places same problem

  5. Tried Adjusting Weight (Yeeted on)

If someone can tell me what the problem is. Can you make link me a baseplate world on the fix. I’m a visual learner, people explaining it to me makes things 10x harder for me since I ask myself tons of questions. any advice would be fantastic, this is literally stressing me out.

P.S Network Owner has literally nothing to do with it

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Can I see the code for the animation?

In order for animations to replicate, they either need to be handled entirely on the server, or on every individual client.
Just like anything on FE, any changes made on the client only affect that client, until those changes are sent across the boundary via remote events/functions etc. In this case, you could fire an event to all other clients to begin playing an animation upon a specific object (i.e that character) or play the animation on the server so that it is automatically replicated.

If you load an animation on one client. I’m pretty sure everyone else sees it too.


It depends whats being animated. A client animating its own character, sure. I don’t know for sure about tools under the character.

Same thing as long as it on the client.

As @Alphexus mentioned, the client has control over its Humanoid animations, which means running an animation in the client replicates to the server and therefore to other clients.

@bradleyawsome Could it be that your animations haven’t been accepted yet? Or maybe that you have a script preventing animations from running (e.g. stopping animations)?

Please give us more details so we can tell you more about this issue. What’s your code to play the animations?

Yes. Like @MetatableIndex mentioned. Try setting the animation to “Action”.

Clients have Network Ownership over their characters, so playing an animation on the client also plays it for everyone else due to how animations is handled in Roblox (For the Local Character only).

Ideally animations should always be ran on the client. However the code to tell the animation to run should be handled on the server. That is a remote event / function should be fired / invoked to tell the client to Play() the animation. At which point since this should fire for all clients, all clients should run the animation at the same time.

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Here’s the Code (Local Script)

It can’t be another code stopping the animation I tried in a empty baseplate

When you mean playing the animation on the server what do you mean specifically. Like Using A Regular Script or Remote Events on the specific player

What is animator? :eyes: :confused:

Look Inside your Humanoid something random roblox added

I ran into this problem as well when making my own custom animations. My team discovered that the animations only play on your client if you are the owner of the animation. I am no expert with ROBLOX animations but I read a few posts regarding Motor6D’s Transform property, and have implemented this as my custom animation controller.

The wiki page does very little to explain how this works, but this post sums up how rotations are handled.

If you wish to continue using the animation editor and ROBLOX animations for your work, then maybe someone more experienced with that side of animations can help.

Animator is not random.

They are my animations My bad if I didn’t make it clear

Update Found out that when my animation weight hits 1.00 say good bye it just stops

The issue here is you’re changing Looped in the LocalScript, which causes the animation to run once and end there on other clients.

Ideally, you should make the animations looped in the animation editor to fix this issue.


Omg Thank you so much bro, your legit a career saver

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