How to use body thrust with a ball

So I am trying to create a soccer game where you have to shoot the ball in the correct position, power, and place with body thrusts. My only problem is that I don’t really know how to use them and I tried using it by putting a script:

script.Parent.BodyThrust.Location = script.Parent.Position
script.Parent.Force =,0,0)

but it doesn’t work…
(Edit: I have read how to use them but it doesn’t go over enough detail for me to really understand…)

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Is the ball anchored or is there a weld in the part?

The ball isn’t anchored or has a weld, it is just a part but when you put the thrust is just goes back and forth infinitely for some reason.

Use BodyForce instead but BodyForce uses makes the ball accelorate so I don’t really know what BodyMover you should use

Yes I get what you are saying but I want to thrust the ball in one “specific” direction…

Do you want to shoot it the direction the player is facing?

Have you have ever played SuperGolf?

I am basically trying to make the golf ball thrust movement, kind of hard to explain.