How to use color plate in blender?

I have seen this plate in many videos but I have no idea how to use it, can you help me?

As someone, who tries making high quality textures both in terms of quality and in terms of performance. I want to say that you should NEVER and I mean NEVER use this for an in game asset, this should only help you choose the right color that will fit your use case.

By using such a texture, you leave a lot of colors unused, which then if you are using thousands of such pallets will be a noticeable cost on performance.

If you’re going to use a mesh that only has 3 colors, which only use 1 color per single face, the texture resolution should be only the colors that are needed.

To summarize this: This is a tool to pick the correct color, but do not use it as a texture in game

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Hey like he said don not use it for ingame assets because you can do it better.
But with the purpose to learn how it works and as start It is Ok .
First you have to create a UV Map(If you don`t know how Youtube helps)next you can easely select the faces and drag them with “G” to your favourite Colour in the UV Map.After you done this with all your faces you have to save the image.Export the Model and apply the Texture in Roblox studios.
I hope that helps you

By the way use datatype .obj for a scaled result and with fbx you have to scale it but you can import it as multiple objects.By obj it is one Object

LG Zab

I can vouch for this, not only for the said reasons but also because one of my models textured this way actually started to bleach somehow and became a tan colour when it was originally blue

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