How to use developer products

I’ve been scripting for almost four years, and I haven’t really dabbled in devproducts at all. I’m stumped by the extremely long and confusing piece of code provided as an example on the developer hub, and I’m not quite sure how to handle product purchases. I know how to prompt devproducts, but I don’t know how to see when the player has bought it.
What is the fastest and most efficient way of doing this?
- Br, iSyriux

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Here is an example, it is a click part, when a user clicks the part they can buy a Developer product, you just have to create a part and place the script on it.
Captura de pantalla (71)

MarketPlaceService, if you want a product to prompt up like the normal roblox robux gui then it’ll just show up, you can check in your money page to see if someone has bought it. (located in the sales of goods section of the money page)

To prompt a purchase of a developer product, you simply use the PromptProductPurchase function of the MarketplaceService.


There’s other functions for prompting things such as game passes. I advise taking a look at the developer api documentation I linked!

That’s actually not the solution. This is for items on the catalogue, not devproducts.


That’s absolutely disrespectful, you shouldn’t be treating those horribly who are trying to help you.

Someone already posted a video that explains exactly what you asked. You asked a question about Developer Products.

Once again out of everyone who’s posted, you would utilize MarketplaceService.


I watched that video, it was helpful, but sadly all that person provided was a link. No information. No context. Nothing. That’s not how you’re supposed to provide help on devforums. The others clearly don’t understand either what I’m trying to ask or they just don’t understand devproducts as a whole. I’m not “treating those horribly”.

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Telling someone they should learn how to read is absolutely disrespectful. The context should be provided in the video tutorial. As it is. A tutorial.

I looked at a few seconds of the video timestamp where it showed how to process receipts and it’s self-explanatory from a developer perspective.


You should never use deprecated events or functions for new work. It even displays that directly in your image. ProcessReceipt should be used for what iSyriux aims to achieve in the question.

Yes thats why I replied with the screenshot.