How to use dual screens with roblox studio

Not quite sure where to put this question, but I thought scripting support is the most reasonable from the ones available.

So my questions is, how I can use roblox studio on dual monitors.

I recently bought a new vertical monitor that I will place besides my laptop, but I am not sure how to open roblox studio on both of the tabs.

What I would like to achieve is to have one script open on the vertical screen and another on my laptop. Is this possible?




I have a dual 27 inch monitor setup and I can confirm it’s possible to drag single or more than 1 script onto another window!

It will turn into a window with an x, and works to edit, etc.

Good day! :smiley:


You can drag widgets (including scripts and the viewport) to another monitor.

If you’re interested in recommended layout: This depends on presence. Personally, I keep studio/VSC on my main monitor with reference files, Discord, and my web browser (Brave FTW!) on my second monitor.

If you want some inspiration, take a look at this.

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To add on to what @t_eknik said, the tab you want to drag is the highlighted one when you’re in the script editor. In this case, “LocalScript”



Ah, yes. Thank you very much, I nearly forgot :joy:

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