How to use IK controls?

I read Documents but im new for lua so i understood very little and it didn’t work when i did them. I cant find google and youtube tutorials, anyone explain me?

This video does not explain the exact Roblox API for Inverse Kinematics, but rather explains an example “FABRIK” concept. Hope this explanation helps you understand the docs better.

From what I understand you have the end-effector, chain root, target, and priority. Those 4 are the main properties you are going to want to change.


The end-effector acts as the end of the IK. It takes a part or bone of a character (or just a part) and allows it to be moved to a specified target (With it having a chain root as its ancestor).


The target is pretty self explanatory, it is what the end-effector is going to be trying to look at or move to.

Chain Root

The chain root acts as the starting point of the chain of bones or parts that are being controlled by the IK algorithm. It serves as the connection between the end-effector and the rest of the chain.

The IK algorithm uses the information about the target position and the current position of the end-effector to calculate the rotations of the bones or parts between the end-effector and the chain root, so that the end-effector can reach the target position. This way, the IK algorithm can move the entire chain of bones or parts to the desired position, while still maintaining the relationships between the parts and preserving the overall shape of the chain.


The priority is used in case you have multiple IKControls that may conflict with each other when their calculations are trying to be solved. The order in which they are solved can affect the final pose of the character or part.


Weight controls the final overall pose of the character with IK. If you were to want specific controls to be disabled or enabled smoothly, this is what you would use.


The pole is an instance (part, attachment, etc.) that gives a “pull” towards a specific direction. If you were to have an arm that was bending it would start bending in that direction.

Smooth Time

Smooth time is the amount of time it takes the end-effector to get to the target position.

End-Effector Offset

This property is an offset applied on top of the target position. It usually doesn’t need to be set but it can be useful when trying to fix oddly placed limbs or parts. This property can use attachments, parts, or anything that provides a world position.


This property is pretty much the same as the End-Effector Offset.

Hope this helped! :smile:

I want to use this when animating a normal r15 character. I cant use animating?

I’m pretty sure you can in some way but I haven’t worked with IK yet so I don’t know how unfortunately.

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There are no tutorials anywhere because it’s a new feature, but this will definitely help you. It is perfectly explained, and there are also examples of use.

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