How to use image buttons

hey developers , i been searching how to make image buttons but i didn’t find any , does anyone know how to script image buttons


Image buttons are used to display images, such as rounded guis.
You can use them for a lot more things.
Image buttons can be scripted the same way like normal text buttons, nothing changes.

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Perhaps you were asking that?


This question is a little bit vague. Simply asking for “how to script something” could mean a lot of things. A little bit more information on what you want to do would be appreciated.

Creating Images

You can create an ImageButton using like most other objects.

local button =“ImageButton”)

From there, you can set properties like the image.

Setting the Image

You can set the image of the ImageButton using the Image property, like so:

button.Image = “rbxassetid://0000000”

The Image property contains the ID of the decal the display.

There are also properties to set the image when it is hovered, pressed and some others.


As @RuizuKun_Dev showed above, you can simply connect events to the ImageButton like you would for most other things. ImageButtons share nearly all of the events that normal buttons do. As a side note, if you’re interested, this happens because an ImageButton is descended from a normal button. It inherits these properties.

Wiki Resources

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The wiki is the official point of reference for any property or class (or anything) you need to understand. If I’ve not answered your question, try there.


I would say to start off by looking at Roblox tutorials first, they’re available on the Roblox Wiki.

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Scripting an image button is no different to scripting a normal text button on ROBLOX, the only difference is that you can set it as in image instead of text.

A basic example of how to use an image button for something (in this case opening a Gui would be):

--Local script inside image button.
--Function that runs when MouseButton1 is clicked.
--Define the local player (its in a local script so its easy)
	local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
--Open that specific GUI. Note this is done via enabled and not visible.
	player.PlayerGui.NameOfGui.Enabled = true

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how do i make an image button fire an event when it is pressed

Its the same as a normal button! it uses mousebutton1click

	-- your code