How to use loops?

guys I had a bit of a head injury recently so I forgot all about loops can someone please explain them to me like a toddler please please plese


a loop is when you do the same thing repeatedly every n seconds

here a simple code

while task.wait(1) do -- waits every 1 seconds

this is just a simple loop, there are other forms of loops which you might wanna check out


Loops are essentially a repeated task, there are many ways you can make a loop, but the most basic way is to use a While loop, and one of the most useful features of loops is the For functions, which can loop through a table or an object and execute functions accordinly.

Hope this helped! I’m still a new developer and that’s my knowledge on this theme, so correct me if im wrong

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Thanks @MikeartsRBLX and @yKanecaahBR. My brain actually started working after u guys responded but i didnt see ur replies so still danke.

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