How to use {number} in localization table

I´m trying to use the localization table which is working fine for complete sentences. However I would like to know if there is a more optimized way to translate sentences that are equal except for 1 or 2 numbers in the middle.
For instance: Congratulations! You have won {number1} coins. I mean, I don´t want to repeat the sentence for each possible number of coins. I know a dumb solution could be use “You have won coins:” and than place the number of coins in separate, but I really don´t like that way.
I tried to use the same {number1} in the translation but the localization did not recognize in the game. I also tried to translate the sentence before the number and than the sentence after the number, as if they were two sentences, but it also failed.
Could someone give me a clue on that one?

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Can you send screenshout?

Like this |

here it goes… but actually I just entered the game this time and it is correct … maybe it was just a bug … .anyway many thanks for the reply!

Do other strings in the game work?

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Yes … apparently is working…

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