How to use Open Cloud correctly and what is it for?

Good developers, I would like someone to explain to me how to use this new tool that you released and what its functions are.

There’s most likely a youtube tutorial for this. Just so you know Google is your best friend! If you don’t understand something of the subject then ask your question. Its rude to ask for someone to explain it here without you even trying to understand the subject that roblox has explained

That’s the problem!

Even if I read it, watch it or listen to it a thousand times, I can’t fully understand it.
I have read the page of the Api and even an official YT video of roblox, but nothing.

And I think it’s not rude to ask someone who knows more about a topic to explain it to you. I see it as a more productive and efficient way to learn.

I think you’re laughing at this.
I would really like to know how to use this and you are not contributing anything to my learning, I would ask you to comment to help or contribute something to learn about this topic and not to emphasize the problems that this doubt is giving me as in the case of the video or the wiki page.
Thank you, I appreciate your understanding.

Roblox cloud is currently in closed beta, you can’t use it yet.
There is a RDC video for it, but as for most RDC videos: those are ideas of new functionalities and aren’t implemented yet.

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Thank you very much, finally a constructive comment.
I thank you for his reply.

But could it be used to store a database or something, or is it just for things out-game?

With open cloud is meant accessing Roblox game data outside of Roblox. What you see on the devforum is with place saving/uploading, but it could be used for other things in the future (perhaps accessing datastores)

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