How to Use Published Animations?

Searching up something like “Waving Animation” in the Toolbox, you’ll find a Script that contains an Animation inside of it.

Whenever I’ve tried to use these published Animations, the Animation never plays. When I’ve looked into figuring this out, I’ve realized you or your Group must Publish the Animation to be able to use it.

The only time I was able to get this to work, was when I created a simple test animation with the Animation Editor, then published it. I was then able to use the ID and actually use the animation.

I’m unsure how I could do this with already published Animations though. I’ve tried Right-Clicking “Save to Roblox” on the Animation included in the Script, but even after that, I’m still unable to use the Animation.

Is it possible to use or republish already published animations in order to use them?

You need to load the animation into the Animation Editor and publish it to Roblox on the account that wishes to use it.

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