How To Use Remote Function And Bindable Functions?

Please Explain it To Me Thanks :slight_smile:

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Seeing as you barely started with Luau I do not recommend using RemoteFunctions yet. RemoteEvents are far easier to understand and you can apply it on many aspects of a game.
Same as BindableFunctions, itโ€™s better if you used BindableEvents instead.
(All links are docs, please read them.)

Essentially, Remotes and Bindables have the same function: They allow one-way (Event) or two-way (Function) communication between scripts.

Remotes allow the server to communicate with the client, this is, LocalScripts, and Bindables allow the same, but allow the server to communicate with other scripts, like sharing variables. While using events, once fired, the scripts continue to run and will not yield.

Functions however, will yield until the event is handled by whichever script received it. This is more risky, as the scripts will yield forever until the function is handled. In RemoteFunctions, if the client errors, the server will as well (essentially halting script execution).

To learn more, read the Documentation. You can use those links.


I donโ€™t know how to do it, but I thought you were explaining.


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