How to use Roblox API As a login using html and js

How would i use Roblox API To make a login

Could you elaborate? What are you trying to make? There’s no information here.

We are trying to make a better roblox website with the api and we need to make a login page

What is the purpose of this website?

A better version of roblox that you can use and login on and join games on

How would i use that in js to login on

Why do you need to do this? The regular roblox website is fine.

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Its for a project with some friends we are making it

can i add captcha then? to make it work normal

what do you mean by that “Captcha is specifically designed to prevent you from doing this”?

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)
What is CAPTCHA? - Google Workspace Admin Help

How to not get stopped by captcha? what if the person logging in does the captcha?

how to make the person on the website login manually and then use cookie in api to do stuff like join friends and games

Ik that the cookie is called “.ROBLOSECURITY” and where to find it i just need to make a login page

Make your own login system, don’t depend on roblox’s.

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Ok, from looking at this briefly, it looks like you POST with ctype, username, password to get catpcha id and then you make a GET to the captcha api, solve the captcha and then make a final request to get the auth cookie

But then you’d have to ask the user for their password?? Doesn’t seem secure. This website doesn’t seem secure.

Everything you want to do has already been implemented as you are just making a copy of an already existing site… you will just have to watch the network tab and figure things out

The project we are making has to get access to join games and get friends remove firends

i will try doing that but i still dont know how to make the login i need the login first