How to use Roblox Shift Lock (is this possible?)

If you don’t know what I mean when I say THE ROBLOX SHIFT LOCK, well, it’s the one that if you have it activated in your experience, because pressing Shift locks the camera but I don’t know how to force the player to always have it activated. I know how to do it with events like with RunService but the problem is that I know there is another way to do it in a more optimized way basically I want to know if you know of a more advanced way other than RenderStepped

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The easiest way is to simply move the Camera when you need (I’ve already sent you a link on another thread) and if I’m not wrong there should be an option somewhere, maybe in the Camera?

You need to fork the camera module in order to do this, or you can replicate it through a LocalScript.

Here’s a project I made a while back that can be tweaked to get the result you’re looking for:
smoothOTSCamera.rbxl (37.6 KB)

I already found another solution for my system

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Could you show it so if someone would like to know they knowc

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