How to use Rope Constraints on models?

Hey everyone, so I wanted to add a small and subtle feature to my creation where a small bug is swinging from some cobweb, but I only know how to swing a part, not a model, plus that part has to be unanchored, is there a way to swing the entire model itself?


Weld the parts together and attach the rope to any part you’d like. To weld the parts, you can add a script similar to this in your model:

-- The other parts will be welded to this one. It just selects a "random" part (not really random but not specific too, you can change this to anything you'd like)
AnchorPart = script.Parent:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("BasePart", true)

for _, v in pairs(script.Parent:GetDescendants()) do
    if v:IsA("BasePart") then
        local constraint ="WeldConstraint")
        constraint.Part0 = AnchorPart
        constraint.Part1 = v

Note: this is untested code. Your model should be anchored.

Good luck with your game! P.S. Those mushrooms look amazing

Yoo thank you so much for writing that script for me, I appreciate it a lot, also thanks on the feedback on the mushrooms.

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in the future if you don’t want to add in scripts, this is a very handy plugin:
it easily allows you to weld parts together without any messy stuff

Oh thanks! This should help out quite a bit if the script ever gets outdated and since I don’t know how to script, I would be stuck again