How to use Studio's Script Recovery feature to actually recover your scripts! [Windows]


As most people know, Roblox Studio has a Script Recovery feature. However, as most people also know, it doesn't have very much functionality other than autosaving your scripts in some faraway land folder and allowing you to see your save, but not use it.

Please note, this tutorial is intended Windows users, so it may not work the same on a Mac.


  1. (Assuming that you’ve already lost a script) Open up the Script Recovery window from the view menu.

  2. Once you’re in script recovery, find and select the script that you want to recover.

  3. Now hover over the selected area with your mouse and take note of the file location shown (the red area is where your COMPUTER username will be).

  4. Now open up File Explorer and click on the button highlighted below (may appear different, it still the same function).

  5. Type into the box everything up until \tmp\. This will take you to Roblox’s Script Autosave folder. TIP: DON’T FORGET THE C:\ AT THE START!

  6. Once you are in the correct folder, right click your autosave and select Open With.

  7. Next, select More Apps and then click Notepad. This will open up the file as a text file.

  8. Congrats! Now you have an up to date version of your script! You can copy/paste any section you need.


Please let me know if you've found a better way to do this or a way to do it on other platforms! Also, please comment below if there are any improvements that I can make to the article.

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