How to use 'TextScaled' without 'TextWrapped'

I would like to be able to scale this text so that it doesn’t wrap to the next line yet still auto-scales.

I want it to look like this (The way I’ve fixed it is by making the label’s height smaller):

Yet if I scale the text label to the size I want and then enable ‘TextScaled’ this happens.

I would like to able to enter larger strings other than ‘print(“Hello World”)’ so I would not be able to just make the TextLabel’s height smaller. If it helps, I’m trying to display code.

If you have any ideas on how to fix this it would be great!



You could try to make string value and then say Text label.text = (“Do you want to print(”… [Your string value]…")? - not sure if this will work

Not sure what you mean.

I would like to be able to have the ‘print(“Hello World”)’ text scale to fit inside the grey box at any device size, yet I wouldn’t like it to be wrapped like seen in the second screenshot.

Oooh I get it. For that you will need a plugin. I know some free ones, but I don’t really remember their name. If you search on the marketplace, you should find instantly the one you’re looking for. The plugin adds an UI setting that resizes the text box at all times for any device.

It should resize it without making it how you don’t want it to look like.

Ah okay thanks.

Do you remember roughly anything about them?

I have previously bought a UI Tools plugin yet it doesn’t seem to have anything that could help.

Sure one second I’m searching it right now.


Is this something like you mean?

AutoScale Lite. It has an official Forum Topic

I’ve just installed it yet I don’t see where it can help, I’ve tried adding a constraint but it doesn’t help as all that would do is just limit it scaling, which I don’t want, I just don’t want it to wrap.


First thing first, you need to set the anchor point to 0,0. After that, the UI component will move a few studs. Put in in its original area and after that use the button. That should do the trick :wink:

The Red button is the most important. The blue one will make a few settings to the UI component so it remains the same on all platforms.


What do you mean? 1,0?

0,0 my bad I’m on phone right now and my corrector is very annoying

Ah okay,

why is it change the anchor point? The anchor point currently is what’s keeping my Label in the center.

From all the tutorials I’ve seen, it does the trick but I think it’s because when you use the phone/tablet the system will try to resize it and move it but changing the anchor point to 0,0 it will not allow it to move/scale randomly.

I’ve added it yet it hasn’t changed

Have I done something wrong or??

You could try to see on the Forum Page. It should give you more detailed info than what I described to you. Sorry if i made you too confused.

But try to use the phone view option

That’s how you test if everything is good