How to use the courier service

how to use the messaging service for the following:
I want that when a player goes to the teleporter for another place in the same universe, he sends a message to the other servers of the same place looking for a second player who
is waiting for another player to join the battle zone.
( the battle zone needs 2 players to play )
I don’t need to know how to use the teleport service, I just need to know how the messaging service works or how I would use it in my case.
I have seen the documentation but I do not understand it 100% if someone could explain it to me in a simpler way and more to my case I would thank you very much and a solution

Chat service is confusing I admit that.

This can possibly help you.

This has a whole thing on what to do, with a model to possibly help.

To explain it more, that model forces some one to chat.

If someone touches the brick or is in the teleporter you can do.

 local speaker = ChatService:GetSpeaker(player.Name)  -- put the desired player here
    speaker:SayMessage("hello", "All", {})```
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