How to use the new forcefield material?

Forcefield 2.0

Recently the new forcefield material got introduced. It looked cool and all, but the documentation was not really wholesome in my opinion.

So I was just wondering, you people that know how to use it, how it is possible to use it correctly.

Well, firstly I would like to know some of the basics.

  • What type of part do I need to use the mesh in?
  • Does the mesh need to be pre-colored in blender (or other software)?
  • Does it need to have a texture?
  • Can all meshes be used? (.fbx and .obj)

Then I would like to get into some of the more “detailed stuff”.

The first effect would be this one:

How would I achieve such an effect? I cannot find any property whatsoever in the properties tab of the mesh part and special mesh part.

Secondly I would like to know how I could get some minor color/gradient

+plus some subtle movements in that color (that the gradient gets longer, then shorter, then longer etc)

If someone could help with this I would be very grateful. And some information that might be useful for you, is that I want to use it with a hollow cylinder because I am making it for a Battleroyale game and I want it to look like the storm/barrier un PUBG and fortnite, etc.

Thank you!


All you do to use the new forcefield material is click on the part, go to it’s material and change it ForceField. Then to do the first effect, all you do is change the color of the part. To get a better effect, just increase your quality level up to make it look a lot better than before. For the storm/barrier effect, I wouldn’t suggest using the forcefield, you should use a bunch of particles. That’s what I did anyways, and the storm looked very nice.


You’d want to use a mesh part to apply textures for it to be animated with the forcefield material.
There are also many tutorials on youtube on how to use it, be sure to check next time. (Change the texture of the mesh to have it be animated with forcefield)

Also, to have the collision effect look, you might have to put your quality level higher to see it though I think quality level 1 works fine. I might be wrong though :sweat_smile:


Aside from the other posts, which must have solved your doubt, I think you would also find interesting the way a ForceField part looks when you set its transparency to negative numbers.

Playing with part’s properties can help you discover new effects and build better places! :wink:

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@21stPsalm @mishajones @3rdhoan123

With “part”, do you mean a regular brick? Or?

Part, meaning a regular brick.

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But can I use it with a mesh I made in blender?

It is a hollow cylinder.

How do I change the quality level?

To change the quality level:
Open a place on Studio. Press F5 (or go to Home > Play or Test > Play). Open the Roblox menu on top left of the game screen and go to settings. Then switch Graphics Mode to ‘Manual’ and adjust Graphics Quality to a higher level.

This is how a forcefield dark blue torus MeshPart looks like at maximum graphics level:
The effect is pretty similar to that of a regular part (block, cylinder or sphere), so I believe your mesh will be rendered in a similar way with no need to texture or color it before uploading it.

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