How to use the terrain tool with the material generator?

Hello Everyone,

I am making some fields for my farm area on my game. The default mud/soil/dirt in the game doesn’t quite match what a farmers field looks like after plowing. I tried out the Material generator and it has generated a nice farmer soil for fields. Now all I can do is make parts… and change those parts to that material. But the problem with that is parts are very non-organic and fields are very organic. Does anyone know how I can use the Terrain tool to make it work? Much apperciated if anyone else ran into this.


My guess is this isn’t a feature and you can’t do anything about it, just have to attach the material to a part and move on with life, looks so non-organic even tho it says organic lol.

If you “set as override” the custom material will show up when the base material for that custom one is used on terrain:


This requires “using up” one of the default materials, replacing it with your new material, but you’re probably not using every default material in your experience as is.

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Wow didn’t notice that, yeah I can just override the ones I am not using.

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