How to use toolbox fonts with RichText?

I’m making a document system where players can write document, and they can use RichText to customize it. I figured a few players would want to add their signatures, so I checked the toolbox for some fonts and found one I liked, but it seems that RichText only works on the built in ones. Am I doing it wrong or is this just not supported?

Here’s my rich text example.
<u><font size="50"><font face="GreatVibes">GALICATE</font></font></u>

Read the documentation!

According to it do:

<font family="rbxasset://fonts/families/Michroma.json">This is Michroma face.</font>

And well you can replace the fonts.families.Michroma.json with the id of your font.

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You sure?

Hello, <font family = "rbxassetid://12187371840">Silkscreen!</font>
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