How to use Viewport frame on a Surface GUI Frame?

Hello, Im trying to use Viewport on a Surface GUI on a part, as a Television
I cant seem to get the Viewport Frame to work, im kidna new to doing Viewports to,
I also searched Videos on Youtube but it was only about Screen GUI’s and searched Dev Forums and nothing was helpful.


You can just parent the viewport frame to the Surface Gui.

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It didnt work, tried parenting it to Frame when it didnt work and it still didnt work

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You need to:

  • Place the Surface Gui inside the PlayerGui folder
  • Set the Adornee property of the SurfaceGui to the part you want it to appear on
  • Set the Face property to be what you need.

That should display it correctly.


tried it. didnt work
are you sure this is all?

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Maybe set the model position to 0,0,0. I am having trouble too but that’s what I got to so far.


Thanks you very much, it’s working.