How to use voice chat?

Hi there, I am making a car game, and wanted to know how voice chat works. The basics are that the player’s actual character is deleted because the player doesn’t sit in the car, the car is controlled using a script. How would I make the voice chat GUI above the car? Is there a requirement? Humanoid? Head? If you know, then please let me know.

Or do I have to script it.

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Do you mean you want a script to make it so we can use voice chat while being in a vehicle?

Correction: While being the vehicle.

I don’t know if it is a script to make the voice chat appear and use the car. I tried making a head part inside the car, and adding a humanoid. But nothing worked.

What you could do is move the head up, and clone the player’s model before going in, and pivot the player to the car after leaving?

I am not sure if you are able to do that. I am pretty sure voice chat was for like if you are just hanging out with friends. I believe when you enter something it removes voice chat.

Sorry, but if you had read the article itself. It doesn’t tell anything. There is only one thing that voicechatservice is publicly able to do. (Return true or false if user has it enabled)

So, you’re asking if there’s a way to move the little Mic Icon above the car and if it’s required.

The answer is that I don’t think you can change the Mic Icon that appears above a players head and I don’t think it’s required.

Even if it isn’t, how would I make the voice chat start from the car’s body instead of the head of the player.

You can’t. That’s the answer, you’re unable to change where the players voice audio comes from currently.

Voice chat can be enabled in the Game Settings, it’s called “Spacial Voice”.