How to utilize outside ROBLOX resources for building?

Hello, everyone. Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find a better place to put it. Anyways, I found the website which offers textures and 3rd models to buy(some are free) for use in game development. If you have used this website or others before, can you tell me the best way to utilize this for building? I’ve tried downloading one of the free wood floor textures and using it in ROBLOX, but it doesn’t work. Can it not be applied straight from the website to ROBLOX? Thanks.

You usually can make these type of textures be used with the use of SurfaceAppearance found in adding an object into a part, it’s also known as PBR textures

Man , it is only for blender textures but you can easily use that in roblox too . That’s all in your hands !

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So you have to upload them into blender and then from blender to ROBLOX?

If you make models on blender you can use them for texturing but you can also use it in roblox studio just by adding texture on the model that you need to be textured . But I recommend doing that in blender .

Depending on the file type (if it’s supported by Roblox), you can upload textures straight to Roblox and use them as a Decal or Texture object (not to be confused with MeshPart’s TextureId property). Roblox treats Decals as a static image, while Textures are tiling images.

These don’t act as materials in the common sense of game development (like Unreal/Blender/etc), where the material is applied to the whole object, and are only applied to the surface they’re on.

You could use the textures you get from third party sites for mesh textures, but you’d have to line up your UVs to accommodate, since again, it’s not a material class.

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Looks like I need to learn how to use Blender then, lol! Have a recommendation for a good youtube tutorial or some other way to get started?

I uploaded the texture to ROBLOX then put the ID into a texture in a part, but it didn’t work on the part, the part didn’t change at all.

Which surface was it applied to? Remember it will not be applied to the entire object, just the surface it’s applied to. Like in the picture below, a Texture is applied to the Top surface, a Decal is applied to the Front.

If it’s still not applying, ensure that your image actually uploaded and passed moderation - it may take a few minutes or more.

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I made sure it was applied to the Top of the part. As for moderation, I uploaded it two days ago, so it should be clear.

Then you’re going to have to share a screenshot of your issue, because there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to upload a texture from your computer that you downloaded from a third party site.