How to "View" the camera?

How would I view the player’s camera? Like in Blender or Unity? I am not sure if this is the right cattegory, but I thought it should use RayCasting or something. Help?

What u mean view the camera ? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

If u mean the camera like camera lol
u must try this

Not a ViewPort frame. I mean a triangle type force field part or something that would represent player’s camera.

Oh, like spectating??? Well with commands you can :view (players name)

No, no. Not spectating either. I want to achieve this:

That triangle in front of the camera.

Only thing i can think of is using rays but it will require a lot of math

I have a workaround on that. Using an Union or MeshPart, I can position perfectly into the player’s camera, like a ViewModel. There is only 2 things left now:

  • Learning ViewModels…
  • hear more opinions. I would be glad if this can be done.

So if i am correct you want to achieve making a rectangle that shows what the player is able to see as you showed here?

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Yes, I would want that. You have an idea how to do this?

You can try using Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation or Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation for this. Get all 4 corners of the screen and turn them into 3d positions. From there you can use those positions to make a rectangle that shows what the player is able to see. If that doesnt work than i do not really know any other way of achieving this :confused:

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