How to view the source code of the built-in studio plugins?

I’m curious as to how the default animation editor plugin was scripted. I tried inserting the rbxm in the BuiltInPlugins folder however it gave me this:
And from my inspection it seems to not have any code, just a bunch of modules.

Is there an easy way to check it out?

Not sure what category this would normally go in so I put it here.

Source code is secret, so yeah try to ask roblox moderator to give you source code.

I’ve looked into Roblox files where their scripts are stored, but there are only modules. This means you can’t see the code that actually makes AnimationClipEditor work.

Big brain
Do you even know what “moderator” means and what they are doing?

Ah, that sucks then. I was hoping to see how it was done but it makes sense that the code wouldn’t just be there. It is a built in studio feature after all.

I hope thats satire lol

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Here you can get some of the build in roblox studio tools

I already found this however the animation editor in that resource was last updated 5 years ago… I would assume its not even close to what it is today.

Haven’t looked at it yet (just assumed it was useless due to its last updated date) but it still might be of use.

Yes, this is entirely possible.
You can view the StandAlonePlugins, BuiltInStandalonePlugins, Luapackages and Corescripts.

One way of doing is is simply using your file system explorer.

  1. Type “Roblox Studio” in the to the windows space bar.

  2. Right click it, and click “Open file location”.

  3. Then an icon appears in the explorer which is named “Roblox Studio”. Right click that and press “Open file location”.

  4. (Last step) Now you are in the core directory.

The plugins are under BuiltInPlugins and BuiltInStandalonePlugins, the files can simply be imported to studio by dragging them.
The corescripts are located under ExtraContent>Scripts
Other interesting things can be find in the core directory as well, like all the texture & graphics, some models and meshesh, shaders etc.

Another way to view all of this is through this Github repo GitHub - MaximumADHD/Roblox-Client-Tracker: An automated repository that extracts and displays information about the current version of Roblox. Most of the information is miscellaneous, but it provides insight to changes that are being made with each weekly release.

If you are confused where the init script is, it maybe in different places.
For example the plugins have an init script here

Other scripts and plugins are required by other scripts/plugins and this may not have an init script at all


Has this changed? I’m running into a problem where dragging any builtin plugin rbxm into studio gives me this error.

It is because Roblox no longer supports a certain datatype in binary files because of a vulnerability that allowed .rbxlx and .rbxmx to contain malware/viruses that infect your computer.

The BuiltInPlugins use this type of a datatype. If you convert the datatype to something different then it will work.