How to watch and see what scripts are affecting an object

There’s a bug in the game I’m working on; I know what the issue is, but I can’t seem to pinpoint the exact script that’s effecting it. Is there a way to see when a script effects the object. Does anyone know anything about this, or have seen a previous post on this?

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Not possible, unfortunately. There’s a feature request for it, but the closest thing you can do now is Ctrl+Shift+F through all of your scripts to look for scripts that contain the object’s name (workspace.PartName), tag, or events like x.ChildAdded and take a glance at how they’re manipulating objects. You could alternatively disable scripts one by one until you find which one is changing the part.

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To add onto Echo’s post, you can also try using the debugger. Put a breakpoint near a line of code that occurs before the bug occurs, and run the game step by step. When you see the undesired modification occur to the object, you’ve found the culprit line of code!

More info can be found here :


Good idea, I’ll try that!

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Huh! I actually didn’t know that. Seems lile it’s super useful!