How to watch RDC 2022 & Roblox Innovation Awards

Hi Developers,

Registration has closed for RDC but that doesn’t mean you can’t still watch it! We will be live streaming both the keynotes and the Roblox Innovation Awards.

RDC Keynotes

To watch the keynotes, all you have to do is register as a general attendee and you will receive an email with the link to access the presentations. Keynotes will begin at 10:00 AM PT on September 9th.

Roblox Innovation Awards

We will be live streaming the awards on our YouTube channel for all to enjoy. The Roblox Innovation Awards will start at 6:00 PM PT on September 10th.

Hope you all tune in!


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I’m a bit sad that the Innovation Awards will be streamed on YouTube instead of broadcasted on Roblox, but it’s okay! Can’t wait to see all the winners!


We may not be there in person though we do get to watch it live! Looking forward to this years RDC!


IM SO EXCITED!!! I thought from the original post that I couldn’t watch if I wasn’t invited, but now I know I can still watch. Again, I can’t wait for RDC 2022!

PS: I suggest clarifying that the invites mean you can go in-person, but everyone regardless of invite can watch virtually because it seemed like a lot of developers (including myself) were frustrated about not being invited.


Any reason why this form requires information like ZIP code, IRL names, business emails, etc. all just to get a link to the keynotes. I’m assuming it was the same form used for invitees, but this info is unnecessary for keynote users, no offence, but I’d prefer not to send my exact geographical area to a third-party company.


Looking forward to seeing who will win this year’s Innovation Awards on Youtube. Hopefully, it’s not gonna be very disappointing like some of the previous years.


I don’t like that the details needed to be invited included putting my exact locating especially on a third-party website. With the recent leaks that’s happened, I don’t feel comfortable with putting my info that out in the internet especially on a third party website. I’d rather that next year’s RDC invites will be available through the official roblox website so:

  1. More people will be able to join
  2. My info is somewhat more safe (never 100% but still)

“Innovation Awards” is such a stupid name. It’s a shame because, people work really hard for it . It really feels like Roblox put zero-thought into it. I get that bloxy was cheesy but, this is not a better alternative. Not a great look when the people winning those awards are pushing the platform forward, collectively.


I’m guessing that they changed it because they thought that “Bloxy” didn’t sound professional enough. Not saying that I especially prefer the change but I can totally see their perspective as well.


Then don’t.

Anyways, can’t wait to be there Friday!


Little bit much, I might say. Signed up anyways! I didn’t get emailed a link, only a confirmation of my ticket.


Those who are invited to the event are allowed to choose between Virtual or In-Person, virtual invited attendees get to attend all the sessions + merch, signing up for this is just considered a “general virtual ticket” and you only get access to the keynote.

(Over the past 2 years, Roblox only allowed invited people to watch the livestream, this year they are opening it back up a bit.)

Builderman Q&A takes all questions submitted, however for other Q&A panels only in-person attendees can ask questions. You’ll have to wait till Roblox uploads the Builderman Q&A to know if your question was answered.


I mean it’ll likely spread to another archive where you dont need to give that information eventually. Of course, you wont get access to it on the dot.

It was a bit of a surprised to not be invited again to Virtual RDC though I imagine its not going to be as sufficient as actually being there

Also another EU/UK RDC when, I cant afford travel costs to America but London is one trip on the Tube for me. I was invited to both the 2017 London RDC but missed the email and the 2019 Watchalong. I have never been invited since for some reason.


Going to try and watch if I can, unfortunately I preordered something on the same day RDC starts :smiling_face_with_tear:. I’ll be interested to see what Roblox has planned for the future.

Is this a typo? Seems like something went wrong with my email.

I don’t particularly like the fact that the Bloxys have been renamed to the Innovation Awards, seems a bit generic. The fact that it is now blended in with RDC does make it better though.

Given the time it starts, I’m definitely going to have to catch up on it the day after, I’m not watching at like 3am.

After filling out my form, I’m not registering, why do you need my address just to watch people announce changes to the Roblox platform etc

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is there a way to watch it without entering my personal info?
(ah nvm i just putted n/a to everything and it worked)

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All I did was write N/A for most of them and it worked


That’s what I ended up doing as well.


I’m wondering what profile, email, address, and all the other stuff it is referring to? Is that info from Roblox or my computer?


i am excited!! this will be very exciting!!