How to weld a model together automatically without using a script

I’m currently making a fps game and I’ve made a view model which doesn’t appear because its not welded. It has a lot of parts as well so I’m not going to waste time welding everything together and no welding script works, since it needs to be automatically welded.

Perhaps a plugin will work? I use moon animator’s easy weld

I’ve haven’t tried that, I’ll go see if it works

Weld Plugin - Roblox

I use this plugin, works pretty well.

I’ve found out. You must rig it instead of using welds on meshparts for some reason. Now i have to try and find a way to automatically do it.

What prevents you from using a script?

Could you explain what parts have to be welded exactly?

Do they have the same name, color or material so they can be automatically welded?

I just rigged the hands to the camera part and it worked.