How to weld accessories without changing their position manually from roblox studio

Basically I’m trying to weld a custom character so the accessories do not fall when I use them. When I weld them, their positions change weirdly like this

Any ideas what I can do so the positions of the parts do not change when I weld them manually

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Use AlreadyPro’s Plugin!

It’s called Load Character.

It happens to me too. When i tried to create an custom character!!
I realized. You have to get the hat position from roblox website by using BTRoblox Explorer.

The part of handle position to make it work.

even if you tried to edit it. won’t work…


If you’re using regular Welds then you should change their C0 or C1 property (if the hat’s handle is inside the weld’s Part0 property then change C0, and if it is inside Part1 then change C1) with a console command such as this:

workspace.Accessory.Handle.Weld.C0 =,1,0) -- change the hat's position relative to where it currently is

Another answer would be to use WeldConstraints, which dont change the position of parts after welding them.

Hope this helps.