How to Weld Player to Part(Video)

robloxapp-20220914-2357287.wmv (8,7 MB)

I tried to show it in the Video over me but its stopping sometimes and sometimes its just going slow u can see in the Video how the Train is becoming slowly for a few seconds but 1/3 on the Time the Train is stopping completly when a Player is inside the Train but u cant see it in the Video.

AssemblyLinearVelocity stops when Player standing over the Vehicle it stops after like 30 sec and when i move the Vehicle with the Move tool a little bit then its driving again for just 10 sec but why?
Im sending a video now.

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I believe its a network ownership problem being changed from server to the player. You can search up more on that.

More physics best practices and debugging tips are listed below, also a method for visualizing network ownership:

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But what happens when then also another Passengers are on the Back of the Train?