How to weld/ teleport player to another player when hit?

So, I’m making a simple combat game, and I want to know how would I go on welding players when they get hit and how to make air combos. What I mean by air combos is that whenever you hit a player, you go into the air, and you stay there until you stop hitting them. (It probably has something to do with CFrame, HumanoidRootPart, or BodyVelocity?) But I’m not sure.


Air Combo Example:

Any help would be appreciated.

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i wouldnt be surpriesedif it disables controls, then runs an animation while tweening postion, then when done just reenable controls,
but I dont really know, ive never done anything like this

Yeah, something like that, but I need an answer on how to get started with this.

You can just use lookVector, one for the player and one for the enemy. It’s very easy and simple and can be used to keep people in the air or basically in your scenario help make air combos. To lift the enemy up into the air along with the player just use upVector.