How to weld unions to unions?


So, I’m trying to make a circular door and use hinge constraints so it can open nicely, but I have visible hinges (unions) and the door is a union…But using normal welds doesn’t work, nor does using the weld constraints. Is it even possible to weld unions to unions?

If so could someone help me with that? thanks.


You can use weld scripts. I think Quenty has some good ones.


Yes, all 3D objects can be welded but the weld has to be set up in a script.

local weld ="Weld")
weld.Part0 = workspace.Union1
weld.Part1 = workspace.Union2
weld.Parent = workspace.Union1


WeldConstraints are pretty easy to use if you don’t wanna manually deal with CO and C1.


I tried weld constraints…It kept pulling them to the center of the union for some odd reason.


I’ve used WeldConstraints on doors as well with good results. All I did was select the Part or Union I wanted welded, select the WeldConstraint in the toolbar and then go back into the workspace and click the Part/Union I wanted the first item to weld to.
You can also select the skybox to deselect all items, then select the WeldConstraint and click on the two items you want to weld.

Did you use Attachments in the items before you welded them? Just guessing that may be the issue because you say the items got pulled to the center of the Union.


Oh…No I didn’t use attachments before welding, it always worked by just clicking the Weld Constraints in studio, but I never did it to a union…Guess I’ll try that later today when I am able to. I’ll let you know if I get it. :slight_smile: