How toilet tower defense made their "tower info ui"? (Idk where this post should belong)

Since I again dont know where this belongs, I use scripting support
so basically, in Toilet Tower Defense (and some other tower defense’s) in inventory when you move mouse at tower, info shows up, but depending on tower, its always different size (Like a auto-size)

So I wonder if it’s possible to make with scripts (cuz I have no idea how to) or they made UI for every tower

I can explain more if its hard to understand

If it’s not possible, then how else they can implement that feature in the game?

You should first understand how Roblox GUIs generally work, study MouseEnter and MouseLeave events.

I havent asked about how they make it appear on mouse (Depending from what you said)

How they “Auto-resize” it to cover all stats

Could you leave images under the posts? Beacuse im not playing Toilet Tower Defense, so to save our time i think it would be better to do that (this also would help you find answer faster of course, beacuse not every person would go and see how it works in the game)

I can’t right now, I will do when I can

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its something like this, i think its more big if it haves alot of stats

According to how you have described it, I understood that whenever you hover your mouse over a tower, it shows its stats on the screen where the tower is, If that’s the case you might be interested in BillboardGui.
EDIT: That also how ProximityPrompt internally utilises positioning of the prompt where your prompt part on the screen is, Check by going near a part with ProximityPrompt, In your player GUI folder, A ScreenGui with name ProximityPrompts contains The Billboard GUI to Prompts in your range.

I literally stated that they have auto-resize depending on stats amount