How was this error output achieved?

I saw this output repeating over and over on a game and I want to know if I could do the same. I want it to output ONLY “Unregistered Error”.
Aka I want to replicate this Warning output, but without the whole Entity Name before it.

I’ve tried this so far, and tried many different variations but it always either doesn’t work or outputs “TestService:Unregistered Error” in the developer console:

game:GetService('TestService'):Warn(false, "Unregistered Error")

Here is the screenshot of the dev console in the game I was talking about:

I pretty sure it’s just warn(“Awake”)

print("Awake") is the first one
warn("Awake" is the second one
error("Awake") would the in red, like the typical output errors

I swear I tried that before,because I’m not that stupid. But it works, thanks!