How will Affinity Designer make a good impact on high-quality UIs?

First off, I’ve been dealing with Affinity Designer a while now, after trying many attempts on uploading images, you get Fringes around the image, refer it as White shadows. I’ve found this very annoying when you show it on the User Interface.

What’s interesting is that using image formats like PNG doesn’t rely on the quality of the photo you see itself.

Based on this photo below, you will see the PNG version.

What can we do to improve these photos without any of the white shadows you see?


  • Keep in mind that my computer doesn’t handle JPEG image format when it uploads.
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I use this made by someone on the devforum who I forgot the name of. To use it just click the link then look to the right where it says upload file that’s where you upload the image, then it will do some magic and come out in a black box. You then save the image and viola your lines are removed. If your image is white it will look like it’s not in the box, but it is.

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Although what @CottonCandyInc suggested works just fine, another method you can use to eliminate the lines is to simply add a drop shadow. That is usually what I do. If you are using shadows, then make sure you leave a good amount of empty margin left around the image so the drop shadow has space to fade away.

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Ehh, I don’t use Affinity Designer, but I use and Photoshop, so yeah. But Affinity Is very good too! Both of these are very good for UI, but I mainly use It for Websites, so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue: