How willing are players to test new systems?

I worked out a match finding systems (like bed wars) that will be atleast 5 times faster than any of its competitions and the more players use it the faster it will be. The problem however lies with having to teleport the player twice. I have the system working (not ready for large testing tho) but I am afraid this system of double teleporting will scare off players. This solution will clear up the amount of datastores used from nearly the limit to just about nothing. The lag will also be next to zero. How much will this double teleport effect my player base? How can i minimise it?

The only thing i have thought of is to have a similar background as the teleport ui then it looks super offical. Any other suggestions?

Maybe add a warning text before teleporting them?

Well do you as a player mind if you teleport to another places for a second or 2 before your match?

Well… no, because when a match is almost starting and you get teleported, you have to wait another minute or less to play. Some people also doesn’t like to wait again. So disable teleporting the player when the match is almost starting.