How would a player drop items?

Right now I am working on an inventory system. I have finished the base but i’m stuck on an important aspect of the game. How will the player drop items? Here are the ways the player could drop items. However each one has its own problem.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 16.25.02

Right click.
When you right click on an item, it will drop 1 of that specific item.

This would work perfectly fine, but lets say you have an enormous quantity of an item. You are going to have to spam click the item until all of your items have dropped. Thats a big problem because I don’t want people to waste time on dropping items from their inventory. They could use an auto-clicker but they can still take long if you got a ton of that item.

Right click and then a tab opens up and you can put a specific amount of items to drop.
I have figured that the player could input their own amount and then drop a stack of items at once. I thought this was the solution however its going to require another UI to pop up. I want to keep my inventory plain and simple. If I have tabs all over the inventory it wont look simple and could look overcrowded to some players.

Not sure if any of you will have a good idea on how to achieve this as I have been thinking of this for over 2 days now. If you have an idea that wont require too much other UI pop ups, please let me know.


Why not copy Minecraft’s item system?
My idea:
Press the R key to split the item, for example: 32 If you have this apple, 16 apples will be dropped.
You can select the number and drop by pressing Q.
Press E to drop selecting items.

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I have never thought of using minecraft’s systems. That is a really good idea. Thank you so much!

Also how about you confirm you want to drop items if the items are more rare, then people will be less likely to lose something rare.

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I’d also suggest trying to use the middle mouse button to drop a certain amount of items, if applicable. Maybe have a setting for it?

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