How would a "Silent Teleport" be made?

If you are confused by the title, this is what I mean.

With a standard TeleportOn Touched script, it will show you changed games.
What I want, is for it to NOT show the user changed games. and during their time IN game, it shows on their profile they are playing the one host game. How would that be accomplished?

My current script for OnTouched:

function onTouched(hit)
   local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
   if player then
		game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(6025609768,player)  --replace the numbers with your place id


Thanks for any help!

Just create another place that’s separate inside that main game? And Teleport from there if you don’t want the “Continue Playing” games to show on that teleported game

How would that be done for an already existing game?

Ok so create a new place in your game with the Game Explorer. Then, use TeleportService to teleport the player(s) to the newly created place. In the place, remove the default loading screen and make a custom loading screen. (Removing the default loading screen and making a custom loading screen will give it a “Silent” effect)

Test is the starting place where players will first join from, and Test2 is a separate place but it’s still inside that main game

Game explorer > Places > Right Click > Add new place

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It’s not there

Click on the view tab and click Game Explorer to see the game explorer

Click the view tab,


in the new game. what’s next? (srry for bad quality, was taken on 2nd monitor)

^^ I answered it here use this method

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I believe it may be called “Asset Manager” if you’re using a more updated version of Studio, since more of us are used to using the “Game Explorer”