How would I achieve a menu similar to Home Tycoon?

So I just learned how to change camera angles in studio, trying to figure out how to achieve something like the style of menu that Home Tycoon did. After seeing different camera angle movement, I am still confused about how to achieve something like this. Can somebody explain?

Oh, you mean the floating, moving camera?

That should be easy.
Watch this video and then, either lerp the camera to a next position then reset the position and repeat or every X seconds, move camera on a certain axis. (last one not recommended) then as before, repeat the camera position movement script.

Sorry if i misunderstood anything or it wasnt that menu. I hope i helped. To make the start gui, its just a ScreenGui, nothing special.

@WorkPro2007 Okay but how would you get it blurred like it is in that game?

Thanks for the other help

To blur add a Blur effect on Lighting and modify the Size as you want (more size, more blur!) To add blur, simply right click lighting, Insert Object and search BlurEffect.



@WorkPro2007 So if I understand correctly, in the Home Tycoon example, they have a script checking to see if the player has joined the game. If they have, add a blur to the lighting and show everything else. Then, if they go into the game, :Destroy() the Blur?

@WorkPro2007 I also remembered the menu screen wrong I thought it was a spinning cutscene showing the map from the middle. I have seen that people use parts to focus on what they want. Could I focus the camera on a spinning part?

First, yeah, you can either pre-insert the blur or insert it via script, then destroy it when you want.

And… about the second question, do you mean a part rotating itself or the camera orbiting the part?

@WorkPro2007 I’m assuming that rotating the part while focusing on one of the surfaces would achieve what I want. So to answer the question, I would maybe want to rotate the part.


In case you want to rotate a part.

If the “part” is a Part, just rotate (Orientation) on the axis as done here (script must be inside part, rotation glitches sometimes because of vectors or something i dont know…)

In case you want to rotate a model (PrimaryPart must've been set before on the Model)

If instead it’s just a model use this instead. (script must be inside model but not inside any child of it!)

Again, i hope i helped. Also, on the model rotation script it rotates from euler angles blah blah blah that has 3 values like (0, 0, 0) modify the non-zero number to the axis you want! With non-zero i mean 0.5 (example)