How would I achieve the most realistic terrain wall around my game?

Hi guys

So basically I’m attempting to achieve a terrain wall around my game but I’m struggling to figure out how I should go to it. I know that just using the fill tool in the terrain section around the whole map would make it look unrealistic and weird, because I’ve tried it before and the look and feel just felt off.

Using the grow tool as I did was kind of chunky. I kinda know what I want to do for my wall but not sure if there’s a technique to doing so or a proper way to be able to make it look like real life.

What I’m trying to make is basically a outline to block players from y’know jumping off the map or just being able to see the emptiness because it’s not realistic. My map isn’t big enough just to have no terrain walls around it but it’s not small enough either for an easy wall.

Any help folks?

Help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Mark

This plugin may come in handy.

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I have quite alot of experience with terrain. So everytime i want to terraform. I do this in step

Add >> Make a flat terrain as a base / canvas >> Grow (If there’s an adjancet terrain. Connect it with grow) >> Smooth (Higher base size do make it smoother. Becareful sometime it just being jerk and become erode) >> Repeat the step

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Thanks a lot!! :smiley:
I’ll definitely try this

Hello Mark, I have suggestions to fix and suggestions to make it realistic even if it needs to be empty:

To improve the terrain:

  • Use the fill tool and then sculpt the terrain with the flattern/erode tool.
  • Use other materials! Using rocks would be cool and you can make it look like a rocky mountain

If you don’t want to use the terrain because the options above didn’t work:

  • Make your map a little bigger and insert invisible parts in the original end of your map. Fill it with some stuff (Trees or maybe buildings, depends on your game)

  • Use invisible parts with decals to fill the empty space left in the horizon.

That’s all, hope it helps.


Thanks! :smiley:
I’ll use the part to terrain and then I’m gonna do what you said and sculpt it.

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Nvm, you just did :sweat_smile:

Btw I don’t know if you can see what I edited but I asked you to mark as solution if it helped

In this showcase game made by @gluGPU he created a lot of terrain that is actually outside of the playable map, this gives the player as to my opinion a feel of immersion and i’d recommend it for any map really, including yours.

You should really check out his showcase, it’s truly an amazing piece of work.

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