How would I achieve this with TextLabel?

I wanna know if it’s possible to achieve something with TextLabel where the text makes some sort of transparent opening for then to render to the background, here’s what I mean by this video underneath.

Basically, the “BS-X” text is transparent as the background shows a city. I wanna achieve something like that with TextLabel if it’s possible without having to upload an image to do so. Is it possible and if so, how would I do it? Apologies for my bad wording above, it was hard to describe it.

It’s impossible with TextLabels. The technique is called masking, and that is also impossible with the current engine. ClipsDescendants doesn’t help.

Damn, alright then. The only solution is to upload an image with transparent text.

That wouldn’t probably work either. The image you want to upload is the white frame with the text outline, the text would be invisible so only the white frame would be left with holes that shape the text.

I meant that, I probably didn’t word it right.

A little trick that could work, try using UIStroke with absurd Thickness

It kind of works? Not sure if it’s gonna be that useful with the options it has.