How would i add a infinitly long single road to this terrain generation?

So, I have made some terrain generation using this video and I want to add a infinitely long road to it with of course a few turns to the left and right, I would want the road to go on the flattest part of the terrain so it doesn’t float, this is my current terrain:

how would I do this?
i’m trying to make a game like The Long Drive / Road To Grambys

That’s oddly specific, you should add more details and maybe provide the video you used. I’m not a scripter but I can tell that’s not enough resources to provide you with what you need.

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i provided the video

The Long Drive:


My bad, I have an extension installed that makes me not able to see it lmao.


this is more complex then it sounds for instance would you know how to make a endless road on a flat baseplate because even making a road with turns on flat ground is kind of difficult

one way to do this that might be a little easier would be to put road textures on the wedges of the terrain to make it a road but even this is kind of hard as you would need to use different textures for turns

textures would not work for what im doing

so I assume you want roads like this plugin Beautiful Roads Plugin (deprecated)

so your first going to need to learn how to make curved roads using wedges and parts like this

then once you know how to generate the road with parts and wedges then your going to generate nodes along the terrain and connect the nodes using bezier curves there are some tutorials on bezier curves on YouTube

unfortunately the Beautiful Roads Plugin is not open source to my knowledge so you can’t look at the plugin for help

and I’m not able to find any video tutorials on YouTube showing how to generate road between 2 nodes (i might have to make one in the future)

its also possible to take Archimedes approach on how to make curved roads but the problem with this is overlapping and z fighting