How would I align these parts?

This is a dumb question, but how would I align these parts together without scaling the part on the right?

As you can see, when I scale the part all the way, it doesn’t match up with the part.

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My my, Mr Crazedbrick the first, this is blasphemy to this forum! Surely there has never been a dumb question seen to date on this forum, nope, not at all. Off with your head!

ResizeAlign has a mode called ExtendUpto (or Into if that doesn’t work). You can select the part first part’s bottom side and select the second part’s bottoms side and it will do the rest for you. You can experiment with the other modes if those two don’t work out for you

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Yeah, I tried messing with every mode there is, but nothing is giving me what I want.

I’m tired right now, so that’s probably why I can’t solve this problem. :joy:

does it really hurt that much to adjust scaling and add a small wedge to cover that gap?

If the plugin doesn’t work, perhaps try a WedgePart? It would take some manual labour to look right, but that might be an option to keep in mind.

Personally, yes, I’d hurt. I want this to be perfect. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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basically what is happening is that.
but why don’t you just add a wedge? to fill the gap? like sirian said? it would work, with some size changes

I guess I’ll just go with this for now. I will find a solution to this without a wedge someday.

I’m tired. :skull: