How Would i Apply The Playes Humanoid MoveDirection To Linear Velocity

So I am trying to apply the player’s humanoid MoveDirection to LinearVelocity , How Would i go by that?

The problem is that ,im trying to make a climb System, but i don’t know how to Use Move Direction For The Velocity and i don’t like using UserInputService since its a one time click and not a hold, so if any help i would appreciate it


I do not understand the problem that well. Could you explain better?

Oh Alr, The Problem Is that im trying to use the player humanoid Move Direction For Velocity Control ,But when I use The Move Directon is Only goes Left,Right,Forward,And Back.

is there a way for me to relate it to the world, so that it goes up,and down

like in this video!

So, you are trying to create a wall climbing mechanic. I am not sure how to create one unfortunately.

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Oh Alr, Thanks for the reply!

*But Do you know more about humanoid Move Direction???

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Not really, although you could try finding the source scripts for climbing and you could study the code they use.

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