How would I approach a realistic flight simulator

Hello Developers!

I am starting a new project which I want to be a realistic flight simulator. To optimize the game I would use LevelOfDetail on objects that the player won’t see up close, like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MFS 2020). But I will make the airports, planes and lighting realistic, as well as the plane physics. I would appreciate it if people could reply with good optimization techniques, thanks.

Another problem I was having was deciding what the map should be, obviously using Roblox’s technology I couldn’t generate the whole world like MFS 2020 so I was confused as to what the map could be. I want it to be as large as possible so that players can explore a huge range of locations. Please reply if you have any ideas on what I could do for a map, thanks.

Please reply with additional suggestions as I would greatly appreciate it, thanks for reading :+1:


Apparently roblox is releasing realistic skies that look similar to MFS20. Me being a HUGE aviation fan have a few ideas in mind.

  • Is it going to be optimized for mobile devices and work for lower end devices?

People can lower the graphics to make it less laggy or you can restrict what graphic level they are on.

You can create infinite terrain if you want but will likely not be needed by you.

Planning the locations is up to you. If you want scenery search up landmarks and popular locations worldwide. Using google earth is most effective in this scenario.

For further planning do a mind map of all the places in the world you think would fit in your game.

To get even more inspiration and ideas play roblox flight games like PFTS or Airx. These are one of the few selections that are close to Mfs2020.

Hope this helps.

To make it look realistic, change the graphic level and the water parts and properties.


Thanks for the reply! I have a question, how would I achieve infinite terrain? Because no doubt it would help :sweat_smile:

Here is a video that might help you:

Thanks but I don’t believe that would suit a game like the one I’m working on. Would you happen to know how AirX was made?

Airx was made by around 4-6 people. They used heighmaps in order to create the map. A plane takes a long time as you have to implement keybinds, UI and building the plane. In my opinion you should have a team to help you, I do not have all the answers. Join the Airx discord for more info. They have more answers than I do (sorry!)


Thanks! I’ll try and do as much as I can independently but I will probably hire some people to help. If you know (if you dont then i’ll check the discord) how they managed to generate a height map for the whole world please let me know