How would I approach creating this hologram effect?

Alright, so there’s this game that I found and it has this hologram effect everywhere. I wanted to make something like this to practice my scripting but I have no clue how I would even approach it. Any ideas would be great!
Here’s a video explaining what I mean:
robloxapp-20211108-1752508.wmv (2.8 MB)
and here is the game.
I don’t think that it is just parts that a transparent because when you rotate the camera it also moves, but I might just be mistaken and this actually be a lot more simple than I thought.

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You can try using ForceField material with a texture id

About ForceField / ForceField Material

Edit: You can also check this ForceFieldBlock created by @Suuzv ForceFieldBlock - Roblox

This was most likely done by using a ViewportFrame with a lower FOV than the main camera. Here’s a simple attempt at recreating the effect: Hologram.rbxl (89.6 KB)

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